Studio Policy

“The Rock” Drum Studio Policies

Lesson Fees Policy

Lesson fees will be a monthly charge NOT per lesson. The monthly charge is based on the student attending lessons 4 times a month (once a week). If any particular month has 5 weeks in it the student will be allowed to pay an extra fee to attend the fifth week.

The lesson fees are as follows:

30 minute lessons = $100 per month (same as $25.00 per lesson)

One hour lessons= $140.00 per month (same as $35.00 per lesson)

Cancellation policy

Call me! Do not text or email me to cancel a lesson. This will not be accepted. I do not always see my texts or emails right away.

If, for any reason the student must miss a lesson, a 24 hour notice shall be given. The student will be offered a chance to make up the missed lesson on a day and time of the student’s choice (provided the chosen day and time is available).

***The monthly fee will not be adjusted for missed lessons.

If a 24 hour notice is not given then the student forfeits the lesson. If a student is late for a lesson he loses the time that he is late.


Payment policy

Payment for the monthly fee is due on the day of the student’s first scheduled lesson of the month.

***(If the student must miss the first lesson payment is still due on that day.)

Payment may be made by check (written out to Gregg Eckersen), by cash, by debit/credit card or online using my web site.

***I do not accept weekly payments***
***No refunds on lesson payments***

If you have any questions or concerns please call me at 386-882-1567